Turning Sunday breakfast into easy weekday breakfast!

As I’m sitting here trying to write this I have a three-year-old watching Spongebob on tv and I have a headset on with That 70’s Show playing. It’s 9:30 on Sunday morning. I woke up at 5 and actually managed to have some alone time before everyone else gets up and taking turns for the bathroom start. If I was smart I would have used that time to write this. But, I didn’t really have anything to write about yet. It’s Sunday so I made breakfast for everyone. Pancakes, Sausage, bacon, eggs, and hash browns. Usually, everyone eats but today it was only me and the three-year-old that ate. I made enough for everyone. I’m staying positive about this because I can freeze this stuff and use it for breakfasts throughout the week that I only have to heat in the microwave.

I know that I promised recipes but this time I’m giving you a tip. ALWAYS FREEZE LEFTOVER BREAKFAST. Then use them as microwavable breakfast during the week. Then, they can have a hot meal before school and you don’t need to cook. I don’t know about you but my favorite mornings are the easy ones where I stand in the kitchen drinking coffee while everyone gets themselves ready. It’s a bonus if I don’t have to yell.


1)Let food cool

2)Wrap individually in plastic wrap

3)Place in plastic freezer bag

4)Place in freezer

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope it is helpful to someone. I apologize for any rambling. I’ve been reheating the same cup of coffee for a couple hours now. Have a great day and remember sharing is caring.