It’s a house full!

It was only me and my two sons. Then my boyfriend and I decided it would be a good idea for all of us to live together. BIG MOVE!!! So like I said, I was used to only cooking meals for three. Then all of a sudden I had to get used to cooking for six.

My two are three and eight years old. They only want to eat little kid foods. His kids are 15 and 16 and don’t like a lot of things. I had to revise what recipes that I had to make everyone happy. It’s not easy when the grownups love onions and tomatoes etc.. and half the kids do not. I hear a lot of eww what’s this on the days that I make whatever I like. It’s cheaper to buy groceries and make meals at home than it is to order pizza (which would make all the kids happy).

It seems like everyone is never hungry at the same time. So, I eat at the table with my two kids and everyone else eats where and whenever they get hungry. Some of our favorite regular meals are tater tot casserole, tacos, spaghetti, Italian chicken wraps, buffalo chicken dip, cheeseburgers and fries, and many more which I will eventually be sharing here. Just in case you haven’t figured it out yet this is going to be about cooking dinner for six people. I know that I had a hard time getting used to it and some others might also. I will be posting recipes that I use and a nice story about a big blended family along with it.

Just so I don’t bore you to death with a long introductory post I will finish this up now. Add your email and click the follow button so you can see when the real posts are added. Thank you for sticking around and reading the whole thing.